21st September, 2019

Chennai 2019


About DevFest Chennai 2019  

GDG DevFest is a large, community-run developer event happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.
Hosted by GDG Chennai and GDG Cloud Chennai, Devfest Chennai will cover multiple tech areas such as Android, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, Flutter, machine learning with TensorFlow etc.

What happens at DevFest ?   

DevFest's are events where we come together to learn from each other.
The motive is to create a local ecosystem of developers and give them a platform to interact and network. and we also talk about various cutting-edge technologies.


Event is over, See you next year!


 Why Join DevFest

Get Inspired !

Get inspired by those around you, hear from industry experts, and solve problems together.

Share your Expertise & Learnings

Give back your learnings for the fellow developer eco-system.

Fresh Tech Insights & lot of Fun

Hear geeky insights from the speakers who have used in machine critical systems.

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